Shipwrecked Music & Arts Festival 2020

Shipwrecked Music & Arts Festival returns. . .


It was a year lost at sea; monsters, Kraken and the biggest of waves.

At last the sun hit the horizon, and land caught our gaze.


Broken, battered and left without keel,

we cast our eyes out across the meandering fields.


Tired and hungry, we paddled ashore,

dreaming of thirst-quenching rum and much more.


Suddenly appearing, some shadows in the distance,

we pulled out our rifles to stand in resistance.


Mateys!, they yelled, welcome ashore;

the magic awaits through this old wooden door.


Turn this here handle, enter to find,

an oasis of treasures that was once left behind.



- Lineup - First Round -


Nico Stojan (GER)

Esther Silex (GER)

Kodiak Kid (AU)

Sandboards (NZ)

K2K (NZ)

Antix Live (NZ)

Marlins Dreaming (NZ)

Sojourn (NZ)

Mood Control (NZ/GER)

Simon Flower (NZ)

Z.I.V (AU)


Marcotix (AU)

Ben Nott (AU/UK)

Herman Saiz (CH)

Onderbroek (AR)

Anthony Muirhead

Felix DaCat


Sunshine Sound System (NZ)



Dylan C


Matt Drake

Logan Baker

121 Sound System


Tina Mairi

Sister Rosa

Sam Lovli


CJ Funkowfield



- Tickets -

Ticket costs:

1st release $180.00 + booking fee

2nd release $200.00 + bf

Final release $230.00 + bf

Sunday day pass $100 + bf


​Children (0 - 5 years) - Free

Children ( 5 -12 ) - $30.00 + bf


Vehicle Pass - $10

CBD return Bus Pass - $50


See shipwrecked.co.nz for all details.