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In our next instalment of Room One Live, we are proud to feature two house and techno heavyweights - "The Godfather" Greg Churchill and Logan Baker at Silent Studios - an intimate boutique warehouse venue just outside of  the CBD.


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Greg Churchill

Greg’s career winds its way back through New Zealand’s most iconic clubs, record stores and dancefloors to 1984, where he began his career on the Christchurch airwaves, championing hip-hop and electro records alongside soul, funk and disco.


Since then, he’s played alongside some of dance music’s foremost pioneers, including Carl Cox, Stacey Pullen, Derrick May, Jeff Mills and Ritchie Hawtin. Greg’s track Budonkadonk became the third song by a New Zealand based artist to hit the UK charts (after OMC and Concord Dawn), and his productions have been released on labels including Toolroom, Great Stuff, Hed Kandi, Azuli, Gung Ho and his own Move To Trash label.


Logan Baker

Logan is the founder of Silent Studios, Shipwrecked festival, Friends from around the world festival and the Auckland Techno Collective. Logans skills stretches far into the underground world of djing. Known for longer sets and always musical journey into the deep.




Silent Studios

6 Patrick St, Onehunga



House / Techno / Funk / Disco