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Starting of with just an idea, an empty space and a plumbing company.
Finding an empty shed with a nice front yard. Logan signed a lease and moved on in. Sourcing second hand materials from all over the place the team got stuck in to build a space like no other in Auckland…

With minimal budget and maximum effort, over a 3 month period working late nights after work Silent Studios was born.  Ever changing and upgrading the space, this boutique space is fully equipt with a Funktion One and Turbo Sound system, art installations, lighting rig, visuals, open air outdoor area and a no sound complaint area. Come see what all the fuss is about.

Logan and team plus some awesome external promoters have now hosted a few of the best in the business in the last years including Traumer, Clive Henry, Steve Bug, Disc Woman, Dani Casarano, Chaos In The CBD, Ben Nott, Marcotix and some awesome local talent inc Mood Control, Out Of Sorts, K2K, Logan Baker, Greg Churchill, Mellow Tact, Herman Saiz, Cooper Khan, Tina Mairi, Matt Drake, Boy Oh Boy and more.

Big Thanks to the above and the below for all your hard work.

Lary Breitmaier, Liam van der Werff, Mae Young, Holly Bennett, Matheo Pral, Codey Morris and Marina, Audrey Cauet, Craig Brocas, Dan Coe, Jono Swan, Wendy The Guru , Dylan C, Arnim, Nga Remu, Jay & Lara Thomas, Ben Gundry, Linc (Butch Tail), Tahnee and Phoebe, Simone, Thorsten, Josh and TJ Pak, Laura Lopez, Jacob E, Matt Brown, Marcus Morgan, Ruari Hatrick, Craig Brocas, John Paul Moss, Taylor, Edge Electrical and team, Harry Wilcock, Otto Le Roux, Will Cavanagh, Jamie White and Kim, Sebastian Selknam, Felipe Martinez, Billy Vasdev, Oscar and Bex, Fernando, Dale and Anna + fam, Gabor Toto, Hayden and Barton Strom, Ben Fulford-Talbot, Keegan, Ari, Sofiane Tib, Tys and Greeta + The whole Parris Plumbing Team Legends …

These are just some of the people that have dedicated their time to help get this project moving. Lets keep this rolling!


1/6 Patrick St, Onehunga
Auckland, NZ