Logan Baker

Festival maker, party starter, fun enhancer, techno lover and music slinger. Plumber and Gasfitter, Stage design and builder.

Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, Logan has not only graced the shores of the Pacific, but also toured Europe, bringing his own uniquely enriched, driving techno and house sound to a variety of audiences. Melody and bass is key, as his DJ sets are driven by tribal influence and heavy dubbed out kicks. One thing is for certain, Logan knows how to command the decks with confidence and skill. Prepare for a wild ride!

Since the early 2000’s Logan has been collecting vinyl, digital and djing around the world.

Some highlights have been, Fusion Festival, Katerblau, Golden Gate Berlin,
Splore festival, Shipwrecked festival (NZ), Subsonic Festival (Australia), Strawberry Fields (Australia), Single Fin (Bali), Aum (NZ), Moscow with SCSI-9, Killing Time, Revolver, Breakfast Club (melb)and our local watering holes Ink Bar, Neck Of The Woods, Laundry.


Here are some lables that I’m Assoiated with over the years of playing music, collecting, organising and performing.


Around The Bend – Auckland
Auckland Techno Collective –
Mi Casa Su Casa – Wellington
Killing Time Bar – Melbourne
I love this music and I guess you all too.

Mood Control

When two electronic music DJ’s come together as a team to produce their own sound you know that you’re in for something epic, especially so when each has their own particular touches to add from years of working out just where their electronic musical hearts lie.

Craig James from NZ, and Jonas Fischer (aka Sanoi) hailing from Germany, have individually immersed themselves into the scene and developed their own flavours and styles throughout the years – with Craig known for his driving techno sets and Jonas leaning to the deep melodic side, backed up by his symphonic studies of young. Now they’ve joined their musical forces together as Mood Control, the name of which speaks for itself.

Neither man in this live duo is new on the scene, but the music they are producing definitely is. Live mixing self-produced, multi-layered tracks for on the fly sampling and manipulating the possibilities are endless.


Booking and contact info:

Dale Richie

Dale Richie is a veteran DJ having played to countless crowds for more than 25 years. His thirst for electronic music began in the 80’s and by the summer of ‘91 he was in the heart of the London’s underground dance scene. Two years later he was mixing it up with the Do It Crew before co-founding the Chimaera Sound System in ‘94.

For the next 10-years their custom built sound system could be heard blaring all night long at their annual summer solstice forest parties in North London, from Welsh mountain tops, castles in Luxembourg and numerous festivals during the summer months including the London May Day festivals. During the winter months it was time to hit the bars, clubs, warehouses & private parties.

In 2004 he moved from the big old smoke to the long white cloud of New Zealand bringing his tunes, sound system and carried on regardless. Over the years his love for music has seen him play at various clubs, bars in Auckland, including the great outdoors with appearances at Aum, Burning Seed, Dimension, Ignition, Kiwiburn & Shipwrecked.

As he’s always on the hunt for new tunes expect him to drop anything that comes with a bit of a groove to it.


In a complex world, we often seek to be carried away by spellbinding stories full of emotion enriched by ephemeral experiences.

Facettes, from his Mediterranean roots and inspired by the fables of One Thousand and One Nights, has developed a unique way of immersing the audience into a mesmerising world and sharing with them an unforgettable experience.

At Facettes, Sofiane is a captivating artist who understands how to tell a story and reach the audience. He takes them on a journey of discovery, to a place that you never want to leave.

From his Mediterranean roots and inspired by the fables of One Thousand and One Nights, he has developed a unique way of immersing the audience into a world and sharing with them an unforgettable experience.

His style builds a vibrant, contemporary, electronic atmosphere, alternating elegant house and melodic techno to beguile your senses.


1/6 Patrick St, Onehunga NZ